I'm exciting!!! Mar 4, 2006

d0014975_717421.jpgI didn't write my diary in English for long long long time, so I finally decided to write in English. I'm taking communication1 class which is for practicing writing skill though, I discovered I can't write well and I got low grade on last week..... I was disappointed myself and I became negative to this class. I want to improve my writing skill,but I don't want to practice. It is contradiction, isn't it?
I'm still confusing about "article" and "preposition."(冠詞や前置詞) Even English teachers can't explain clearly; they say "Because that is a rule." What is rule??? Please somebody tell me!! But I can't accuse them, because I also can't explain Japanese particle(助詞). So I think we are even. Anyway, I need to more practice.

By the way, I am exciting now. Because my Korean friends "Jungmin & Taejin"in Vincennes (IN) will come to FL tomorrow!!!! When I was in Vincennes, I and they always played together , and we have a good relationship untill now.
We haven't seen eachother over a year, so I 'm very happy to meet them again.
Today I spent time to clean my house and my car. I hope the weather will fine tomorrow.
Some of my friends started Spring Break from yesterday though, I don't yet.....
Have a nice Spring Break!!!

by orangenurse | 2006-03-05 07:18 | アメリカ生活