St. Augustine Apr16, 2005

今日は天気もよかったし、宿題も半分片付いたので「St. Augustine」という町に行ってきました。車で2時間くらいかかるんだけど、とっても素敵な町。フロリダはやしのきとビーチだけだと思っていたけど、ここは歴史のある町でたくさんの観光客が訪れていました。

Today I went to "St. Augustine" whichi is far from my city for 2hours by car. The city is very historiccal and there are many visitors in the city. I ate peach yougult and cupchino ice cream. It was $5 and very big!! I always think that American food is too much quantity! and not cheap! For Asian people, we can not eat that much, so I hope American can give a special price for us.
I could not visit every thing today, so I want to go there again!!
Since I came to America, everytime I went to first food shop, I put sugar into ketchup. Do you think that is ridiculous? If you try, you will know how good it is.
My favorite combination is french fry and Ranch dressing!! That is awesome! Jungmin, do you remember? we always eat french fry and pizza with ranch. I miss cafeterria in the VU!!

by orangenurse | 2005-04-19 03:58 | アメリカ生活