Dark rings,,,,,,,, Apr14, 2005

d0014975_1128582.jpg 写真は特に意味ありません。八景島で2年前くらいに撮ったのが見つかったので載せてみました。
This picuture doesn't have any meaning, It's just my feeling,,,,I am very tired today, actually not only today. I am always tired,,,why? Maybe, I lost strength more than before and I always think something, for example, about my homework, my family, my future and so on. I can't stop thinking! Because of that I can't sleep well these days and my dark rings under my eyes become obvious more and more!! what should I do? I look like over 40 year-old. Oh My God!! If you know any treatment for dark rings for eyes, please tell me!!

by orangenurse | 2005-04-15 11:47 | アメリカ生活